Heartless (Shadow) - kingdom hearts




This was my first proper cosplay as a character from anything. At the time, I was a huge Kingdom Hearts fan so I thought, "Why not do a heartless cosplay?"

For those who are wondering, yes, that is indeed a pair of tights on my head. I stuffed the legs with newspaper so the antennas didn't look limp. They eyes were yellow pieces of cardboard I cut into circles and stuck on with PVA glue. Everything else was pretty much black satin gloves, jumper, trousers, football socks and shoes. I couldn't see very clearly through the tights but I could at least see enough basic shapes to know where I was going.

When I was at the convention, I had lots of people hugging me (and Sora cosplayers waving their keyblades at me XD ) and at one point, a King Mickey cosplayer tapped me on my head with their keyblade, to which my sister valiantly jumped to my defence while I spoke to people who admired my costume.

Overall, it was a really fun experience and it made me want to cosplay again for many years to come.


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