Red Hood - Batman DC comics




so i decided i wanted to do a jason Todd Red Hood cosplay from Batman series after reading the Red hood and the Outlaw comics from the new DC 52

Hardest part of the costume was making the helmet trying to get the right shape and sanding it etc

easiest part would say was buying the right clothing that he wears back when he was first intro douched into the DC Universe as the Red Hood found most of it in places like primark and car boot sales


Augmented Queen posted on 9 October, 2012 - 09:17
Son! This is really such a great cosplay, you should be proud! Are you going to upload the progress pics too into a journal? That would be great for everyone to see how such awesomeness was made! ^_^ When will you be wearing it again? Soon, yes? YES!?

BlackDragon2000 posted on 10 October, 2012 - 01:41
yea i'll upload the Progress pics soon don't worry about that as for wearing it again i guess probably the next event/Con i go to

Progress Journal

1st October 2012

Final Stage

After a few sprays with the Primer had dried i then gave it its final spray with a red metal spray Paint and once that was done i gave the inside of the helmet a good sand by hand and then Use a pare of old Sun Glasses for the eyes that stayed nicely in place thanks to the rubber eye piece inside the helmet from the Ironman mask i used

27th September 2012

Stage four

after the House filler dried i sprayed a white Primer paint onto the helmet then Sanded it this time by hand and once that was done i gave it another spray but this time with a Red Primer Spray

25th September 2012

Stage three

After it stopped raining i finally got round to Sanding it making it very smooth all around Using a hand held Electric Sander.
after giving it a good sand i had to use a house filler to fill in a few bits i couldn't sand

20th September 2012

Stage two

After adding the cardboard to it and getting a full helmet shape and testing if i can get it on and off my head i then used David's ISOPON P38 Easy Sand 250ml to cover the helmet all around with a thin layer (i ended up having to use another Tin cuz i sanded too hard)and left it over night to dry and harden

20th September 2012

The Beginning

unforchantly i forgot to take pictures of the beginning stages but first i got an ironman mask just like this then with help shaped cardboard around the back of my head sticking it together with tape (tho the tutorial i looked at used a glue gun but i had to improvise)