Red Hood
Batman DC comics

Cosplayer: BlackDragon2000

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st October 2012: Final Stage After a few sprays with the Primer had dried i then gave it its final spray with a red metal spray Paint and once that was done i gave the inside of the helmet a good sand by hand and then Use a pare of old Sun Glasses for the eyes that stayed nicely in place thanks to the rubber eye piece inside the helmet from the Ironman mask i used

27th September 2012: Stage four after the House filler dried i sprayed a white Primer paint onto the helmet then Sanded it this time by hand and once that was done i gave it another spray but this time with a Red Primer Spray

25th September 2012: Stage three After it stopped raining i finally got round to Sanding it making it very smooth all around Using a hand held Electric Sander.
after giving it a good sand i had to use a house filler to fill in a few bits i couldn't sand

20th September 2012: Stage two After adding the cardboard to it and getting a full helmet shape and testing if i can get it on and off my head i then used David's ISOPON P38 Easy Sand 250ml to cover the helmet all around with a thin layer (i ended up having to use another Tin cuz i sanded too hard)and left it over night to dry and harden

20th September 2012: The Beginning unforchantly i forgot to take pictures of the beginning stages but first i got an ironman mask just like this then with help shaped cardboard around the back of my head sticking it together with tape (tho the tutorial i looked at used a glue gun but i had to improvise)

Augmented Queen avatar

Augmented Queen - 9th October 2012
This is really such a great cosplay, you should be proud! Are you going to upload the progress pics too into a journal? That would be great for everyone to see how such awesomeness was made! ^_^ When will you be wearing it again? Soon, yes? YES!?

BlackDragon2000 avatar

BlackDragon2000 - 10th October 2012
yea i'll upload the Progress pics soon don't worry about that

as for wearing it again i guess probably the next event/Con i go to