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London MCM Expo October 2012

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Had it not been for a gap in an Role Play (RP) group for France then I wouldn't have decided to cosplay as him; he's such a passionate character that despite his perversity is a really fun character to watch as well as RP. He's hilarious and very dramatic but I love his philosophical side and his amorous nature too. There needs to be more love in the world!

The jacket and cloak itself was made from a snuggie and I think the hardest part was making the sleeves less baggy because I knew there was going to be issues there. I think the cloak part was hard too since I was trying to fold the material in a way that looked exactly like France's cloak in the picture. At first I tried using hooks to make the attachments to the cloak but they keep slipping so I used popper buttons instead. Thankfully they worked so I could wear the cloak. Overall, the cloak was very hard to make but it's the thing I was most proud of because it was the first piece of clothing I modified by hand.

I already had the pyjama bottoms and the boots I found in a sale at Peacocks which were originally £30 but they were lowered to £17. Bargain! The flaps on the boots was a white scarf which I just cut up and sewed on the front and back of the boots.

When I first wore it I thought, "I made this. Me. And I'm so proud of it." After my complete transformation, I felt so empowered like I could do anything (within reason of course). I was just so excited and proud to have made a costume of a character who I really loved and adored.


UchihaMonster posted on 13 October, 2012 - 12:14
Looks amazing! If I see you around, I'll make sure to hug you! ^^ Although if I'm in character, I'll probably run away! XD

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