Naga The Serpent (Necklace) - Slayers


The costume was mostly store bought, so I'm just putting the necklace up as it's one of the first cosplay caft works I did ^-^

Made with Fimo and paper craft balls (originally tried polystyrene balls until learning the valuable 'paint dissolves all' lesson). I painted the balls with several coats of nail varnish and gave myself some aweful headaches (should really have done it outside). The fimo fangs were baked on kebab skewers to keep the holes open and then varnished.

The best part was sculpting the little skull, I was impressed to find that white fimo goes a scary mottled yellow/white when baked, it looked alot like bone. I went over the details in black permanent pen before varnishing the skull too and then strung the whole lot together.

Haynes84 posted on 27 July, 2008 - 22:33
Cool lookin forward to seeing this ^_^ gd ol slayers :P

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