Captain John Hart (Rule 63) - Torchwood (BBC)


The previous version of this cosplay was slung together in about a week for EMS last October, and re-worn for the Saturday of London MCM Expo, but it's getting a complete top-to-toe do-over for Birmingham Expo in March, complete with a femme!Jack :D This is a costume, a character and a convention that really matters to me, so I'm pulling out all the stops.
This time around, I intend to add all the tiny details I passed over before, because I ran out of time, including Vortex Manipulator, more accurate guns, sturdier holsters and scabbard, and accurate braiding on the jacket.



* Hair - Blonde wig, most likely a little blonder than his brown-ish hair in the series, for an attempt at young!John. Loosely curled, and pulled back a little.
* Make-up - Standard base, but with dark, smokey eyes in white, silver and charcoal grey, with lots of eyeliner. Not forgetting the paralysing lip gloss! I'll also have a play with contouring, considering JM's astonishing cheekbones...
* Tops - Off-white/brownish low-necked shirt, covered in stains and muck and with a ripped collar. Cropped military jacket in muddy red with silver braiding on both sides and lots of buttons. Both the collar and the cuffs are a contrasting navy blue material that looks like wool.
* Bottoms - Tight denim shorts and ripped black tights.
* Footwear - Heeled, brown, knee-high leather boots with lacing. Not entirely accurate, but brilliantly sexy.
* Accessories - Samurai sword strapped to thigh, with snakeskin hilt and scabbard. Never actually used in any episode, but still an important accessory. Two black, bulky, futuristic-looking guns in brown leather holsters, fastened to two brown belts with gold studs and strings just above the knees. Silver and green ring, as seen in the episode 'Exit Wounds' and Vortex Manipulator on wrist; it's a little smaller than Jack's ;)

puzzledpenguin posted on 27 November, 2012 - 00:31
Cool idea and it looks great :-)

CaptainAmelia posted on 10 December, 2012 - 01:54
Thank you! There aren't very many female John's around xD This costume's getting a complete overhaul for Birmingham Expo next March :D

7th February 2013

New jacket!

I wanted something new that I could actually attack with a pair of scissors and a glue gun, rather than something from my own wardrobe - Not to mention shorter and tighter - So this is the Jane Norman military jacket I'm hoping to modify into something resembling John's! Needs a load more buttons and that braid, which is proving particularly hard to find, and since it photographs far more orangy than the dirty, blueish tone of the original, possibly a dye bath.

5th February 2013

These boots were made for walking~

Hilariously dreadful photo of the boots for the reboot of this costume, feat. my left thumb. They're not as exact as I could have gone, because of the lacing up the front, but they do have a buckle across the top, they're real leather and they're really, stupidly sexy, so I couldn't exactly pass them up. Also found a perfect pair of pre-ripped tights in Primark for a mighty £1.

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