Amu Hinamori (School Uniform) - shugo chara



This is the first costume I am attempting to make. I hope it goes well because I cannot sew.

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Make skirt
Get wig
Hair Piece

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19th July 2013


Imma gonna list this as complete, even though I don't have the proper shoes and the bag isn't perfect, but their not much chance that I'll need to wear it again TT-TT. I'm so sad that I can't wear cosplay everyday; I'd be too embarrassed. The con was great, I had a few photos (I was so confused about what to do when I was first asked), and got some great hugs!!!! My first homemade cosplay!!!!! I'm so happy that I did it!!!!!

12th July 2013


Eeeek!!! The con starts today!!!!! I'm not going until tomorrow, but still!!!! I have been working like a madman since the start of this week and seriously, I'M ALMOST FINISHED! I am so close! I almost finished the bag, which is completely covered in glue, but there are some parts that just won't be done on time like all the decoration. I found the belt (finally....), but it's a kids belt so I picked out the biggest size I could find. And squeee!!!! I ordered my wig two weeks ago, and it came on time!!!!!I'm so happy with it!!!!! My first wig...... *sigh* Bought tons of makeup for it. I've never worn makeup before so I hope it works. I still have to re-hem my skirt, (it's a little too indecent for me) and add the belt things to the legwarmers and hopefully I'm done!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!!!

17th March 2013


My (third) skirt is done!!!! I'm almost done! I just need a better jacket, because I can't move my arms in the one I've got. T^T And the WIG!!!!! I'll have to somehow convince my parents to let me get one online. Now that I really think about it......I still have quite a bit to do.

21st February 2013

Tie, tie, TIE!!!!!

After many a day moping around the house, I found an awesome tutorial on a tie (took too long to find; I am so dependent on tutorials.) http://www.purlbee.com/little-boys-tie/ I finished it in the day, which is pretty fast for me......(I'm sooo slow). I now have a new appreciation for those of you who don't have a sewing machine. You guys are so inspirational. Anyways, it worked out really nice, but it's too small because I used the litle boys pattern, but I think I can make it work. Hopefully I can get the second skirt started tomorrow!!!!

19th January 2013

Getting those legwarmers done!!!!

Pretty simple things to make after I thought very deeply about it, but course which perfectionism getting in the way I managed to stretch a 20 min job into about 5 hours. Well, at least I'm not so bored any more. I found it a bit difficult to do the top of the leggings, I ended up with a few unwanted pleats because the fabric didn't match right. This is officially the first thing I have made with elastic, and I had no idea hat I was doing. I'm debating whether or not to put some elastic at the bottom to make them more poofy, but I'll just see what I can get away with now.

15th January 2013

Bummer....Let's start again!!!!!

So, I just realised that I didn't have enough of the same fabric to make the leg warmers......... I went to the store to get more of it, but of course they don't sell it anymore. That's for not working on it earlier!!!!!! Anyways so now I have another lot of fabric that is really simiar but just not good enough to use (darn my perfectionism) fabric, so I can make a whole NEW skirt!!!!! I don't know what I 'm going to do with all these skirts I've made. As well as all this, I bought a new zip to use which I lost in the city less than an hour after buying it. T-T Luck is not on my side this week. Please pray that I get this done by the end of this year.

12th January 2013


Yay!!!! The skirt is just about complete and I am so happy with it. It's really not as short as I imagined; more like too long. I just need to bring it in a bit.

8th January 2013

I actually started.....

Today I actually started working on this again. I have cut out and pleated the skirt after having the fabric sitting in a box for over a year, but I still need to sew it together. I can't finish it until I get a zipper, and I a little worried about how short it is..... I'm so excited!!!!

8th October 2012


I can't really work on this cosplay right now because I am in the last few weeks of year 12, which means lots of study for me!!!! Yayz....

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