Dragon Age 2

Cosplayer: silverwyn

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

31st December 2012: I hate my housemate! Ok, this is going to be a pretty large project, so for once I am starting well in advance. This is for a Dragon age 2 group for the Saturday of May expo. I want to do it really well, so i'm going to be making my own chain mail for this too. Luckily, I already own fabric which will work for the green tunic, so I can focus my money on the chain mail, which could potentially be quite expensive ;a; I'm hoping I'll have enough of the darker green fabric as I can't really remember where I got it from...

Need to start looking into the leather part of this cosplay too. It's looking like I might have to learn leather work for this to be pulled off right...

Wish me luck!

Cavahn avatar

Cavahn - 8th February 2013
Aaaah - I didn't know there was a group in May... I'm totally going as Knight Commander Meredith - if I see you, mage, I will have to chase you down. ;D Can't wait to see this finished! :3

Komapsunida avatar

Komapsunida - 15th May 2013
Her costume is super pretty! hope you're still going to come as her^^ I'll watch out for you ~ I'll be Morrigan from DAO xoxoxo