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Well, Instead of Chell for expo, I decided to do Sylvia Christel from No More Heroes because my boyfriend is doing Travis Touchdown and I'd prefer that we match somehow, rather than having 2 unrelated characters together. Personally, I'd feel a bit odd, not to mention the barefoot thing; so as much as I love Chell, I probably won't be doing her anymore ;_; BUT! I'm going to finish her costume anyway! XD

RIGHT! Down to business. I think it must be fate for me to do her outfit, I have a bag thats extremely similar to one she has (in a reference picture at least) as well as her jacket and bra LOL. All I need is one of those pencil skirts and some better black shoes to finish it off. Plus I need the wig too, which made me realise just how weird her hair is o-o; nevermind XD

When this costume is finished, I'm going to start on Bad Girl :P


ryaoki posted on 17 January, 2009 - 12:08
epiccc i love no more heros

Progress Journal

20th January 2009

And so it begins...

Since I have my trusty cosplay partner (and bf :P) who is going as Travis Touchdown, I decided to cosplay Sylvia.

Now, progress. I have the jacket, just need to sew the frilly bits on.

The skirt I have just won off ebay, just need shortening A LOT. (oh lord XD)

The blouse I haven't found yet but will do.

The wig is still on ebay which I will buy later XD