vocaloid sandplay of the dragon

Cosplayer: Snowflake

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

8th May 2013: FINISHED!! That's right! I've finished it! I wore it once which was on Saturday to test it out and see which parts needed more work. I got so many compliments, I'm really happy.

There are acouple of things I need to alter but those will only take me a few hours to do. I'll upload photos this weekend as my wonderful girlfriend, who is an amazing photographer, is going to take them for me.

1st April 2013: Gathers..Still Yup, that's right, I'm STILL making gathers for this damned skirt >< They are driving me crazy.

Well I've gathered the last of the taffata I have, shall have to buy more on Friday. So far I only have 2 complete layers on the skirt though there 10 lots of mone going up the skirt to try and work out how many layers I will end up needing (Approx 12)

I have begun the other parts of the dress. Made the band for the top of the halterneck, made the underbust corset and begun the headpiece.

To do (remaining)

Finish gathers on the skirt
Trimmings on underbust corset
Halterneck top
Bow & ends
Purple overskirt
Complete Headpiece
Chain details

20th February 2013: Gathers I have found a new found passionate hate in gathers, why mustthis skirt consistof them >< Oh well I'll get there..eventually

8th January 2013: Beginning I started working on this ready for May Expo the other day, I've made the base skirt and now I've begun the layers and layers of black ruffles, I'm going to go insane from all the gathers ><