Shizuo heiwajima - Durarara!!

In Progress

Alcon 2012




This one came about because I had finished watching Durarara!! a few weeks before Alcon 2012 and realised I had most of the things I needed to get the base costume done.

The waist coat had come with a suit I was planning on using for another cosplay (before I found out that it was too small), the shirt I had previously from needing smart clothing for work and the same with the pants/shoes. The sunglasses again I had bought previously for driving. The bow tie (pre-tied) and wig both came from ebay. The cigarette is a square of paper rolled up with a bit of cellotape to hold it together and marker pen to add the detail.

I plan on making a street sign probably from a wood dowel and some crafting foam but that is on hold untill I get paid and other costumes worked.


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