Ikari Gendou (Super Special Secret Variation) - Neon Genesis Evangelion





More details to come, but for the time being, this is an idea I've had planned for a little while now, and as I promised to bring Gendou back with a vengeance for Ayacon, I'm gonna bring not only Gendou back, but make this new one. Gendou, but not like you've normally seen people cosplay him.

This may seem a little odd, as people wonder whether Gendou has any other real costumes to speak of, but all I shall say, for the time being, is that the words "It's Gendou!", in an awed whisper, hold some significance.

UPDATE (21/02/2013): For the fact that I am probably not gonna have that much money, I don't think I'll be doing this for Ayacon. It might have to be that I reboot Gendou for Amecon 2014, just for the money I'd need and also since I'm doing a fair few costumes this year, so I may not even have time to do the Gendou cosplay.


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