Hungary ((Maid)) - Axis Powers: Hetalia




This is my Maid!Hungary cosplay! :) It's crap, I know, but I have a small budget and small skill. :) I will be trying to improve it over time!


Siouxsie James posted on 8 October, 2012 - 21:30
Skirt looks good so far!! ^^

WhiteWraith posted on 9 March, 2013 - 14:10
This is cute, you look great!

UchihaMonster posted on 9 March, 2013 - 16:08
Thanks! :)

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Progress Journal

27th January 2013

Edited it!

I didn't like the skirt very much... So I've edited it! ;) I've also added a collar to my shirt and obtained some good boots and tights! Enjoy! This is what I'll be wearing in Telford, so look out for me in the crappy Hungary costume! ;)


25th October 2012


I've managed to finish my cosplay! I've put up a picture with it. I didn't put on the shoes and socks though, but I will have shoes! XD I wasn't able to find a handkerchief anywhere though... :/ What I'll probably do is just curl my hair a little at the bottom, have it loose and put a flower on it and I'll be Hungary since my hair is too long for Chibitalia. ;)


13th October 2012

Apron! :D

Apron arrived today... It's perfect! No changes needed! :D I made my friend try the skirt and apron on and she looked a lot like Chibitalia, even without the shirt and hair! It's going pretty well so far! :) I've hem-lined the shirt and made some ribbons, now I just need to dye the shirt (which is proving harder that it should be...) and then attach the ribbons and the shirt will be done! I need to buy a white handkerchief and a wig and it will be done. I'm a bit worried about the wig though... It's too expensive for my budget and I don't think Dad will buy it. Plus my hair is too long and dark to style it in Chibitalia style... Damn it...


7th October 2012

Skirt done!

Yay! The skirt is virtually done! I've hem lined it, sewn it together, cut it to the right size, put an elastic band...etc I didn't need to buy any more fabric, as I found a way to do it with the fabric I had. It's just a bit tight, but it's fine. I need to buy some white fabric and do the white bits at the bottom and add some decorations and details and it will be done. I haven't dyed the shirt yet, but I will do so soon. Everything is shaping up really well! :D

P.S. I will add pictures soon!

30th September 2012


So many things gone wrong! The fabric isn't long enough and it looks like Chibitalia is some hooker with a crack on his bum, and the bloody sewing machine is acting up... Grr... I have to go and buy 1m of green fabric now, and now I have to use the sewing machines at school.... Grr! Not to mention that the fabric dye costs a bloody fortune... >:(

(Not a happy bunny...)

29th September 2012

Slight Change!

Slight change of plan. I bought 2m of emerald green fabric from Hobbycraft and 1m of elastic hemline thingymabobby... What I'll do is cut out the skirt fabric then sew it together. To make it stretchy, I'll do the stretchy elastic thing that some jeans have, and... Voila! Skirt! I bought a white top and I'll dye it green and that'll be the shirt. The apron is sorted, just need to actually buy it from ebay. On the skirt, to make it similar to Chibitalia, I'll have to get a small white strip of fabric and sew it to the bottom of the skirt on the inside and it'll look like the real deal.

Got everything sorted to far! :D Let's hope everything goes well. ;)