Ryuk - Death Note Anime

In Progress




I've finally gotten around to starting my Ryuk cosplay. He wears all blcak really and has a whiteish blue almost grey face. To get the look I'm am using a video tutorial from youtube on how to do this, using ping pong balls for his eyes and face paint to give me the pale skin (can't afford too much) kinda on a low budget with the biggest expenises going on the wig and probably the metal chains he wears. He has a skirt like part from his belt and I'm making this part from an old pair of sweat pants, an old tutu and feathers/faux fur, it will all be hand sewing -_- I don't have a sewing manchine :( kill me now as there will be a fair bit of hand sewing in this project. The top I'm also customising from a old black shirt and using a feather boa to try to create the effect of massive shoulders.


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