Cruella de Vil (Designer) - Disney





I can't decide which to do first :P

UPDATE: Think I'll do Cruella first. I love her design so much, though I may alter the dress ever so slightly, bit too deep a cut for me to wear XD


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Progress Journal

28th December 2012

Yey, what a relief!

So I was browsing Disney the other day (post christmas) hoping to see the dolls down in price for the sales, and hooray they were! But then Argh! Just Cruella AND Maleficent sold out?! My two faves! T-T So in a slight panic I began to wonder if they'd still be in the shops, so quickly booked a trip with peeps to go to White Rose and low and behold there she is! (and quite a few of her too) Biiig phew! XD So yay she's safe on my table at home, what a perfect reference :'D