Black Cat (1990's Version) - Spiderman





Worn at Dragoncon 2012 Atlanta, GA for Marvel Photoshoots.

Late 90's Version of black Cat. Suit is a Faux Leather like Spandex. I used Maribou feathers instead of fur as I thought it was more aethetically pleasing. Wig is from Cosplaywigsusa and I cut off about 5 inches in length to make it more manageable. The MAsk is a Urethane Mask made by Fourth Wall Design andattached with Prosaide adhesive. It's a fun costume to wear and was pretty quick to make. Most of the money went into the Faux Leather Spandex suit.


BlueJay posted on 25 September, 2012 - 11:17
I really like this, it's very sexy looking hehe :)