Prussia (Fanart ) - Hetalia





So after me and Zoe (Italy5Metres) were fangirling over Prussia X Austria and planning our next cosplays (mostly me doing an Alois or Sebby cosplay) we made up the idea of Sexy Prussia and Austria. (Booty Shorts Prussia >:) & Horse Riding Intrustor Austria) So this is what we came up with, your have to view the fanart picture I drew and uploaded to understand it.

Anyway I am buying the wig for my natural Prussi cosplay, so I know that is a defently.

The costume was our ideas jumbled together and it's basicaly like this,
Blue Corset, Black boodty shorts and Black Hooker Boots. Oh and Gilbird will have a sexy feather on his head :P

I'd say Prussia's normal personality is in this fanart, only diffrence is Austria's personality...more sexyer and domantiong towards Gilbert...


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