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This is now back on the cards for my brother.

We are hoping to have this finished before the end of October, ready for a GK troop in Mid-November.

We already have most of this. Just need to buy some boots, and alter the Jumpsuit and should be sorted.

Update 2/6/16 -

My brother has gone off the idea of cosplaying. I am trying to coax him back, and will hopefully get him to do this costume when I succeed :)

HarryKurt posted on 3 August, 2013 - 17:51
Awesome! Jacen is one of my favourites from the Expanded Verse. I hope I get to see this at Expo! :D


Total cost: £0.00

16th September 2013

Lightsaber 05

A shot of my brother holding the modified lightsaber. It doesn't quite match up with the reference pic, since my brother's hands are a tad smaller than Jacens' seem to be (or this lightsaber is a bit bigger than Jacen's :P ) The lightsaber is now pretty much sorted. I might change the blade colour to green at some point in the future, but as I have the option to leave it blue I will do, at least for the moment.

16th September 2013

Lightsaber 04

This is the extension piece installed in my old MR Obi-Wan Ep3 lightsaber. Once I'd trimmed the narrow portion down it fit nicely, and looks like it should be part of the hilt rather than an add-on.

16th September 2013

Lightsaber 03

I had the Extension Piece machined by JQ Sabers based on my drawings We ended up going with a straight cut along the Emitter, since the radial cut in my original drawings would have doubled the price. I had to trim down the narrow portion slightly as it ended up being too long, and then drill a 5mm hole in it to let the blade retention bolt though.

24th August 2013

Lightsaber 02

I've just set up the order for the new Emitter piece for the lightsaber. This piece is fully removable, and simply slots into the existing blade holder. It should hopefully give the Obi-Wan Ep3 lightsaber the same overall look as Jacens'. This should do nicely until we decide to build my brother a lightsaber of his own, at which point we can style it properly.

18th August 2013

A few more tweaks....

Myself and my brother were at a camping weekend for the Galactic Knights this last weekend. While there, we had his costume looked over for clearance to join. There were a number of things picked up on about the costume that needs fixing, but none of them are so drastic that they can't be done. Many of them were things that I was already aware of and was planning to fix before October anyway. The plan is that everything will be fixed ready for the beginning of October, when I plan to put the costume in for clearance with the GK again. at that point it should get cleared, meaning he can join me at Heroes for Sale in Manchester in November.

12th August 2013

Jumpsuit Complete

The breast pocket has now been replaced, and everything now matches. This costume is now pretty much complete. We might have to replace the belt, or at least modify it, but it shouldn't be anything drastic. A new part for the lightsaber might also be forthcoming, but we'll have to see about that....

3rd August 2013

Lightsaber 01

Jacen's lightsaber is a bit of a tricky one.... Since Jacen is a character from the Star wars books, his lightsaber hasn't really been pictured anywhere. The best "official" picture I can find for it is the one to the side. I've thought long and hard about how to sort my brother out with a lightsaber that looks right , but isn't going to cost us a fortune to acquire. In the end I came up with the idea of modifying my Obi-Wan Ep3 lightsaber. This saber was long ago converted to luxeon, so the blade is removable, so I've decided to have an extension piece machined up so that the emitter matched the one on Jacens saber. Once I have this piece, all I will have to do is convert the saber to have a green LED rather than a blue one, but I think that can wait a bit tbh....

3rd August 2013


So, once the leg pockets had been added, I took another look at the jumpsuit as a whole and decided that it needed the breast pocket after all. Once this pocket had been added it looked much better. Now all we need to do is dye the jumpsuit to even out all the colours (at the moment there are 3 different greens on the jumpsuit). I'm going to be dying it this afternoon, so will hopefully have another update tomorrow. We'll definitely have this finished for Camp GK in 2 weeks.

1st August 2013

"Tweaks" eh??

Like hell..... After looking at the most recent photos again, I decided that the jumpsuit looked too plain. In the main reference pic we're using for Jacen he clearly has pockets on the top part of the jumpsuit, as well as on both legs. What we've decided to do is to take the pockets off of the legs of an old pair of trousers and transplant them onto the legs of the jumpsuit. The trousers are pretty much the same colour as the jumpsuit, so should match in ok. For the time being we're going to forget about the pocket on the top. we might add it later on, but since my brother is still growing I'm inclined to leave it until we have to get him a new jumpsuit.

27th July 2013

Coming Together......

This is now nearly finished, with mainly "tweaks" left to do The jumpsuit we had originally was far too big for my brother. To put it bluntly, it would have fit 2 of him in it. This was due to a combination of him being so tall, and the jumpsuit of that height being designed for someone who isn't a beanpole. After alot of discussion between myself, my mother and my brother we decided that, rather than massively adjusting the jumpsuit we had, we would buy a new one that fits much better. And so we did...... The new jumpsuit doesn't need any adjusting, which is good. I've also altered one of my old Han Solo style belts to fit him. That was quite a pain to do, since they're not designed for a 28" waist :P His boots also look pretty good. They do look too short to me, but I think that's mainly because his legs are so long lol All we really have left is to add a couple of patches to the jumpsuit, and for me to sort him out with a lightsaber. Looks like everything's going to be ready for him to go to the Galactic Knights Camp in a few weeks. It'll definitely be complete by October Expo :D

6th April 2013


We've bought some boots for my brother, which was not easy with him being nearly a Size 13 (UK). We've ended up with 2 very different pairs, so shouldn't have to buy any others whichever pair is decided on....

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