Rikku (Thief Outfit) - Final Fantasy X-2




This costume was really fun to wear despite the fact it was freezing cold!


J-Po posted on 14 January, 2013 - 20:31
aww you had to suffer but you look good :)

Progress Journal

13th September 2012

Bow sleeves finished

Made a start on Rikku. I'm actually remaking this cosplay from an old version I have. Sleeves are made from a white semi-sheer cotton fabric. Took me a while to make the bows and get them to stay in the correct shape on the sleeve- I swear that Rikku's in-game bows aren't made of fabric- they never seem to move no matter what she does! lol
I'm working on remaking the bikini top and skirt at the moment. I've covered two of my old bra cups in a material similar to her in-game CG picture rather than using yellow lycra.