Yamamoto (Younger version) - Katekyo Hitman REBORN!




Casual look:

*White rolled up sleeve shirt,
*Converse/ trainers,
*black short wig,
*black T-shirt for underneath shirt


*black wrist band,
*Necklace with all important ring........ And most important of all:

*Katana sword is needed! :D


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Progress Journal

15th January 2009

Busy with Katana

Well...ive been busy now for quite sometime ready for the MCM expo this feb, working on my yama cosplay.About 3 weeks back I went into chinatown and found them selling a nise long piece of wood..sort of in the shape of a Katana in its case..couldnt be pulled out though lol. Anyway bought it and as soon as i got home started working on it. I needed to make it look more sword like because

A. itwas way to thick and bulky to look anything like a thin sleak Katana and
B. It was wood >.< so i needed to make it look metal like...i thought about alchemy ...but didnt have the time so decided to go with paint :D

Anyway i started sandpapering it down..using very course sandpaper, but it was taking forever..i was at it for 2 hours and found it had only gone down a mm or so >.< So dad leant me his Plane (sp not sure..plain?) anyway on Xmas day 2008 XD i was sat outside planing it down ....for future ref ..never start with the plane at full length..i leant from this as it took alot of wood off and leaft a huge deant >.< anyway shaving my sword X3...alllll day i got it down to the thickness i needed as well as the slight arching that Katana swords have..(i was using a ref pic too).

After about an hour later ..my arms were throbbing with pain and in agony T_T ..future ref..always take brakes!!!

After i wiped down the wooden blade...then left it to dry. In the meantime i nipped down to the local hardware shop and bout some chrome paint..looked almost like liquid leaf, plus nipped into the autoshop for wetsand paper..from grit 600 to 1200. Anyway i sprayed gloss onto the sword then left it to dry (did this in the garden). Then after reading alot of auto paint jobs and buffing sites (helps alot) i started to use the wetndry sand at 600grit...sanding down the gloss until it went practically to its original wood. Left to dry then started to paint using the chrome paint in thin coats, covering up bits i didnt want painting in masking tape. Then left to dry again.

After a day went back to it ..wetsanded it again until the paint went matt..but didnt this time wetsanded it all off...anyway..i kept building up the layers of paint..now onto my 5th coat!!! so ill be wetsanding it tonite again ...to remove those nobbles of paint that seem to stare at me >.< then maybe paint again..depends how smooth the blade looks :D Thats all for now ^_^ Lets see how it goes..il post pics up when i can ^_^