Lightning Farron (XIII soilder outfit ) - Final Fantasy XIII





The outfit Lighting wears in the first XIII game. Yay it's my Xmas pressie, finally managed to persude my mum to get it so happy about that. I've made some of the costumes but Lightning's would be impossiable . If I get this costume I'll probably wear it to Doj-con 2013 if not it maybe Rinoa Heartlilly, I'm not making her cosplay of course but I'm gonna make her gunblade (somehow) and the sheath thing well that's the plan but I'm not too sure how to do that yet and I'll also be attempting to customize a pair of boots but again I have no idea how also and anyway I'm a little low on cash too


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Progress Journal

4th June 2013


I'm going to have to take this to a dry cleaners and see if they can get sweat stains out. I lent it to a friend for a Con and the other day I noticed it actually had seat stains so yeah I'm annoyed about that I just hope that they can come out.