Cosplayer: Reve

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 12th February 2009
progress is looking really good. Love the ears ^^

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 9th March 2009
I love the ears you bought, and the jewelry looks amazing.
I'll be the Lirin in May =]

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 11th March 2009
-squeals with delight-
You're in the Saiyuki group keechy mentioned x3
I WILL STALK YOU MISTER KOUGAJI. don't worry. I will bring a bucket for my drool.

angel aiko avatar

angel aiko - 25th March 2009
awww u look awesome with elf ears :3

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Anonymous - 18th April 2009
Everything is looking good so far =)

btw its sanzo X3

Monkey avatar

Monkey - 15th May 2009
SO. Freaking. COOOOOL~~~~!!!!