Hatsune Miku (Mushroom Mother) - Vocaloid

In Progress




Ha this one.
i decided to make the fanart one, because it looks so cute!

Mushrooms : Made in Fimo.
Black sailor thing : I used black fabric that was in my fabric box. It's quite thick so it's even better. Then I added the cream lines.
White top : took a white one I already had, and have to shape it in the bottom, and paint the short sleeves now.
Pink sleeves : used a polyester pink fabric I already had, the same for Mei's bow.
Pink tie : used pink fabric I already had, added the black things, and now I have to paint the dots.
Skirt : bought a red white dotted fabric (quite expensive though) that looks amazing! And i gave it puff with tule under used as a pettycoat.
Stripped socks : bought cream stockings off ebay, cut them, and now I will paint the pink stripes.
Shoes : still pondering about that.

I'll be wearing it during Japan Expo 2014~


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