Astharoshe Asran (Venetian Carnival Red Gown) - Trinity Blood THORES artwork

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Asta Red Gown Ref 2

Asta Red Gown Ref 1



After seeing a set of photos by the Russian cosplayer Ryoko-Demon I've been inspired to create this version of Asta. I love the colour red and I love the style of outfit. It gives me a chance to do some corsetry which I love doing. The hair will be a combo of my own hair and a hair piece. I have some red duchess satin in stock that will work well for this outfit.


Freyarule posted on 13 September, 2012 - 23:08
Ooooh this will be gorgeous!!

Sephirayne posted on 14 September, 2012 - 11:08
Thank you ^^. Should be quite fun to put together and quite a challenge.

Sakura_Blue posted on 15 September, 2012 - 19:57
This is really beautiful! Cant wait to see it finished

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Progress Journal

Fabric Rose Test (Posted 21st May 2013)

Fabric Rose Test May 2013.

Deciding which would work better for one of my costumes.

The silver one on the left has been made using the satin ribbon box folding method with one piece of ribbon. Pluses - Very quick and easy to do. Negatives - quite flat and not really life like.

The green one of the right has been done using the satin ribbon folding method on each petal separately. Pluses - really lovely result and quite detailed. Negatives - very time consuming as sewing each petal individually.

I would need to make a lot of these so I am leaning towards the box one but I really like the result of the separate petal one. What do you think? Thoughts are welcome ^_^

Choker progress 1 (Posted 1st April 2013)

Astharoshe Asran Red Venice Gown from Trinity Blood

Choker progress 1.

Using the gems I had bought from the The Bead Shop Manchester (as previously mentioned in my updates) I started putting together the sections I wanted. Each one is cut from spare pieces of Wonderflex (I recycle everything). I mark out where I want the main gem to be then cut the holes I need with a hole puncher. The red centre piece is then glued in place. I then colour around the gem with a silver pen to hide any marks made by my marker. The crystals are then added. Once I have done enough jewels I'll be sealing them.

It may not look like much now but hopefully it will turn into quite an elaborate choker.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne March 2013.

Gems and pretties OH MY! (Posted 27th March 2013)

While on a hunt for bits I needed for a commission I cam across a load of gems and crystals that were on sale at my local craft store 'The Bead Shop' in Manchester. I managed to get quite few for very little which I'm hoping to use for her choker and possibly hair jewel.

While I have no set date for this costume its great when I manage to get finds like this.