Cosplayer: Snowflake

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set


I have wanted to do this cosplay for so long (I worked out earlier that it has been about 10 years) and now it is finally completed!!

The last three days has been a solid, none stop sewing while I made Hakama for my Kikyo as well as her two kosodes but I have also made a full Inuyasha costume along side it at the same time!!

Who knew something so simple could be so hard.

Turns out we went alittle overboard with fabric purchases though ^^;; Oh well I'm sure I can use the left overs for future cosplays!


25th April 2014: Progress through procrastination As weird as the title sounds, it is true. I have made progress even though I have been procrastinating.
I have encountered several problems with not only the arrow shafts but also the hakama.It is my first time not using a pattern so there has been a fair bit of trail and error including my first attempt being very wrong in terms of measurements and my second attempt the pleats didn't sit quite right. HOWEVER! they sat perfectly for Inuyasha (I am making the Inuyasha cosplay at the same time as this one per request of a friend)
It has definitely been much easier to do them this time around then the previous attempts I have made, including assembly times being mch faster too.

the arrows shafts themselves have been sanded enough so there was a rough edge for the pain to stick to. I managed to mix up some paint of the perfect shade of fresh sanded wood. I have also made the arrow reads out of foam and now just need to finish forming them before dding the flights.

I am slowly getting there. in a hurry now though as I have tomorrow to finish both my Kikyo and the Inuyasha cosplay ready for a little mini con called Manga Bazaar in Manchester. This includes styling the wig as I have yet to do it (luckily not much needs doing to it)
Here's hoping everything goes well!

10th April 2014: Bow and Quiver It's taken me too days but I've managed to make a full sized bow (in proportion to me in terms of height in comparison to Kikyo with hers)
I'm so happy with how it has turned out! It's fantastic. There were a few structural weaknesses which I have just finished fortifying so now it is better then ever.

I've managed to make a quiver out of the scraps of card left over from the bow so now all that is left in terms of props is the arrows which I shall begin work on at the end of next week ^^

8th April 2014: Progress! Finally! That's right! I finally have made some progress!!
This is a cosplay that I have wanted to do ever since I was back in high school and now with reaffirmed vigor I shall get this done! I even have an Inuyasha! (Who is taller then me!)

Back to the topic ^^;; I have just spent the day working out all the details and making a list of everything that I need to make and finally complete this cosplay to it's highest potential.

I shall be wearing this Manchester Expo this year (2014) (Unsure as to whether Saturday or Sunday)
There is also a mini event where I live known as Manga Bazaar. I am hoping to have the main body of this made (the actual clothing) though sadly I won't have time to get things such as the wig, I can get a picture or two to show the improvement and progress.

So that is the big progress!
After all these years, this cosplay is finally being put into motion.

And I would like to state for the record, finding a decent, easy to follow tutorial for a bow of this length is near impossible and I am having to piece together from multiple ideas, suggestions, tutorials and guess work, so wish me luck.