Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton
Avengers Assemble

Cosplayer: Sephirayne

Variant: Black Tactical Gear

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

6th November 2013: Finishing Touches and completion For recent events my friend Naurarwen has kindly loaned me her holster. I'm hoping to get my own at a later date.

Bar that and the kneepads (which I'll also sort out at a later date) this costume is pretty much complete so I'm going to list it as 'Complete'.

Once I've lost a bit of weight that I have gained through ill health I'll be doing a photo-shoot.

This is a nice comfy costume that works for any event that is quite local or I'm not sure on what to wear. Its a shame that not many people recognise who I'm being but that isn't too much of an issue for me. If I do want people to know who I'm being I've just got to remember to carry the bow (even though he doesn't have it with this costume XD).

10th October 2013: Tactical Vest Progress 1 I had set this up to do a while back but never got the chance to make a start till now. I designed the pattern from a base waistcoat pattern I've had for years. I then cut out and started on all the pocket flaps and straps. Once they were done I then started putting the main body together.

First off, I worked on the front. I put together the two front panels with the main pocket flap in between. I then did a second seam to hold the flap in place. This matched the actual vest.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne 2013

9th October 2013: Tactical Vest Progress 3 After I had set up both front pieces I then worked on the back. Each strap was inserted into the side seams while I had sewn them. Each seam was overlocked and double seamed to give it strength and to closely match the film look.

The front and back pieces were then sewn together at the shoulder and side seams.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne 2013

9th October 2013: Tactical Vest Progress 2 I then set up all the pockets. When they were ready they were then sewn onto the body. I found this an easier method to line them all up rather than set the pockets up first then sew all the panels together.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne 2013

19th July 2013: Jacket finished. Finished off the little touches and now my jacket is complete. I'm quite happy with how it looks. I'm hoping it will look great with the rest of the costume. There is one thing that bugs me a little about it. I was at a friend's house where I started working on it. I made an error and needed to replace the back panel. She had some fabric spare that she kindly gave me so that I could continue. Even though it is exactly same fabric, cotton drill, it doesn't quite match. Its a slightly different dye job and weave. Thankfully its not that noticeable unless you are up close to me. I'm hoping that it won't look that noticeable under event lighting.

18th July 2013: Jacket progress 4 I completed both halves of the jacket and began adding the collar.

I then put both halves together adding the main zip as I went. When I finished that stage I then added finishing details like sealing the sleeves and hem.

The photo shows me sewing the collar.

17th July 2013: Jacket progress 3 Once all the body ribbon was in place I then finished the main body of the jacket.

I then moved onto the lining. I matched each stage I did with the main body minus all the detail work.

(note - my flash was really bright on the lining. It is much darker than what appears in the photo).

17th July 2013: Jacket progress 2 With all the zips and detail added to the body I began to sew all the pieces together. I left the side seams to allow me to add the ribbon detail that goes across the body/sleeves of the jacket. I found a rather unusual designed ribbon that I thought would work perfectly for this.

The Shield patches were added before I started sewing any of the panels.

21st June 2013: Jacket progress 1 After patterning up the new jacket I cut out the pieces and set to work on the zips. From what I can see he has five (two on the lower back, two on the lower front and one on the chest). After a bit of thought I decided to make the zips non-functioning. Any weight in the possible pockets would mean it would hang wrong so went with keeping the zips as decoration only. I would have enough pockets else where so this wouldn't be a problem.

Each zip was attached to a piece of fabric and then carefully sew into the panels. Once all the zips were in place I then added a ribbon decoration around each zip to make it pop.

4th April 2013: S.H.I.E.L.D patches gets! I don't normally like to post a journal in which I show something that I haven't done any adjusting or sewing to but I really liked how these looked so had to share them.

S.H.I.E.L.D patches gets! They arrived this morning and they are great. I can now finish Hawkeye's tactical jacket. I would have made them myself but currently don't have the time. Plus, I wanted them to be exact to each other. These I managed to find really cheap so I am really happy with them. Hopefully, they will look great on the jacket.

29th March 2013: SHIELD Patches and Trousers I was originally going to make the two I needed. The one I made for my Battle Suit I quite liked so I was going to do the same thing two more times. I then realised on closer inspection of the ref images that the patches he has on his jacket are of a more complex design so I decided to see if I could buy them.

I managed to find two quite cheaply. They are slightly lighter in colour than the actual ones but that is an easy fix. Once I have them I'll be able to add them as I make the jacket.

I also managed to sort out some cheap army style trousers through my local Primark. I was going to get actual US tactical ones but saw the price and decided against it as I wanted to keep this as low budget as possible.

2nd November 2012: Patterning waistcoat and gun. Currently patterning the waistcoat. After looking through the ref pics I've managed to grab there is quite a few panels as well as detail at the back so I can't just use a base waistcoat pattern. So I'm in the middle of making one.

I have a set of toy guns that I brought for an old Lara Croft costume that I'm unlikely to ever use for Lara again so I am repainting one of them for Clint.

DeppalikeUK avatar

DeppalikeUK - 14th September 2012
looking forward to this one after the 'Avengers ASS-semble' Spackery at Amecon.

especially freaky blue eyes Snigger

PocketwatchMask avatar

PocketwatchMask - 18th September 2012
yesyesyes Barton Yes.

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 20th September 2012
Thanks guys. ^^

Deppalike, the freaky blue eyes will be making a come back XD.

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 28th February 2013
Awesome! Can't wait to see this. :)

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 2nd March 2013
Thank you ever so much, themrmaster ^_^

Chibi avatar

Chibi - 22nd July 2013
Your stuff always looks so amazingly professional ;A; that jacket is ace!

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 23rd July 2013
Thank you ever so much ^_^. I'm really pleased with the finish of the jacket.