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I've only recently got into Pandora Hearts, but I already really love Break and Emily and basically... I think they kick big ass.

I just really adore Emily so I thought why the heck not?!

So far I only know of one other person who's attempted a cosplay of Emily herself... So this shall be interesting!

Anyways, if you see me running around at MCM in October then feel absolutely free to come up and say hi, have a hug and a picca. I couldn't bite you even if I wanted to (Restricting costume y'see).

UPDATE: Not long before MCM now and I'm about 1/3 done. So freaking excited. Just bought my first ever sewing machine, and I am sooo crap at sewing etc so we'll just have to see how this turns out, LOL.

SECOND UPDATE: Today is the 29th of October 2012 and Expo was loooaaads of fun. Unfortunately Emily's head was incredibly hot, heavy, I could hardly see at all and it was a tad too fragile for the hustle and bustle of the Expo and so instead of allowing it to fall to pieces etc I had to stow it away in a bag for about 80% of the time. T'was a shame. But lessons have been learnt! Onwards and upwards I say!


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Progress Journal

7th October 2012

Major Progress!

Today I am literally 98% finished with Emily's dress. Just have to add some finishing touches and the bow and then that is complete. After that, it is only her head and arms that need to be born.
Truthfully, I am SO dreading making her arms. Ungh. Must be done!
Her head is about 1/3 done though so I'll be ok. I'll get there. But it's just there is SO much 'hair' to put on that giant head of hers, it's taking forever!
But hopefully the result will be worth it.
It better be.