Phantom/Erik (Female/Fem) - phantom of the opera





I LOVE POTO. I'm obsessed. I'll make a terrible Phantom - even a feminine one - but I can do make-up. And I love it so much, I need to show some love.

I'm planning on doing the version of the costume that Peter Joback wears in West End Live 2012, as I can find very good references of him, or a combination of that and the current West End costume. I want to do a female Phantom, so the tux should be identical, but I might get a longer wig. It'll be slicked back the same way, though.

I'll be doing the original Michael Crawford make-up - as well as the mask - because there are some really good references of that, and I've tried - it's easy!


KC-HOME posted on 11 September, 2012 - 10:11
wow !!! Great work there with the make-up! This is amazing :DDD!!!

quixoticschlemiel posted on 19 September, 2012 - 16:08
Thank you very much!

puzzledpenguin posted on 23 September, 2012 - 17:23
This make-up is amazing! I love POTO <3

Welsh_Harls88 posted on 9 May, 2013 - 20:32
THIS IS INCREDIBLE AHHHHH!!!! So much love for you for doing this!