Jade Harley
MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck

Cosplayer: KiraraYumi

Variant: God Tier

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AyaCon 2013

15th March 2013: trouble in the hood So I was doing alright with my hood but then something happened and I was dumb and stuff went wrong. Basically, I made the distance between the holes for the ears really short and it made it look like I was wearing underwear on my head or something because you could see so much of the wig between were the ears and the middle of the hood when I put it on.
So I decided "Okay, that's not so bad, I can just cut those parts of and try again because I made the hood really wide in the front anyway."
So I started doing that and got too excited with the scissors or something and cut away one half just fine, but the other towards where the tails and essentially messed up a whole lot.
I thought I would be okay AGAIN so continued to go about my way making the ear holes and such as I had done before but with plenty of room and even a draft piece this time around. The I double checked the first tutorial I read and realized half of my pain from yesterday in regards to figure out the button-flaps could have been prevented if I had just not been dumb and I had already done the holes in the current hood and just ugh.

ALAS. I think I am going to go through making it even though I don't think it'll look good anymore, but I'll try anyhow and see where it gets me. Thankfully I'm going home very soon and I shooooould be able to snag a quick trip to the fabric shop and get enough to make a BRAND NEW HOOD!! I will hopefully have learned from my mistakes and make the new one pretty good.

Also the amount of frustration and silent cursing this has put me through means I'll probably bring Jade to Ayacon. Whoop!

8th March 2013: ears done! There are some issues with them, like they're pretty big, one's a bit taller than the other and I'm having trouble putting them on the wig by myself (I did double check they could work before adding the fur though!) but I'm satisfied!
Once I can put them on the wig properly I'll finally get to continue my hood~
Also have an old progress pic with the wig I've decided I AM gonna use (the one I bought for this herp) and the base of the ears since I forgot to upload it here before!

8th February 2013: *extinguishes skirt fire* I seamripped ALL of the elastic and one side of the skirt to try to make all the folds even. It worked! So noooow...I'm back to where I was with the skirt before I took it apart, but it looks a lot better and tidier. Amazing what difference a cool head and proper planning can make, that went really smoothly~

Should be starting the ears soon so that I can finish up the hood!

7th January 2013: Wow I've done tons since the last entry I've got my shirt 80% done, my hood 50% done and my materials for the ears (softest fur ever <3)
My brofriend Ecchan was working with me again and reteaching me how much more fun it is to work on cosplay with people. She helped me with the hood and shirt~ All I need to do with the shirt is get the Space symbol on it and hem it. I have the body of the hood atm but I need to make my ears before I can continue it. My mom's bringing my costume pieces and sewing machine at the end of the month so hopefully I can get all of the sewing done soon afterwards! 8D

But it's done and acceptable and just needs hemming.

19th December 2012: fabriiiic has been gotten" Except for the ears, because somehow the fabric store I go to doesn't have white fur on Christmas. What.
Anyhow, I should be starting this week! I have been dying to work on the skirt for ages, so that will be first! =3

Violet Kestral avatar

Violet Kestral - 9th March 2013
This is going to look all of the awesome!
Can't wait to see it =D

awesomeblossom avatar

awesomeblossom - 5th April 2013
Looking gooooood!! Keep it up! :D