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GUYS! I TOTALY LOVE RIP VAN WINKLE! She's awesome, I love her costume and really want to cosplay as her. I remember this woman from europe on youtube who collected Sailor Moon items and she cosplayed as Rip Van Winkle, I totaly adore her cosplay of her and Its an ispirtation!

Ok guys her uniform seems pretty straight falward so I may make it otherwise if all else fails i'll end up buying it :( I wish I could do better...Much better!

I will buy a wig, like all my other cosplays who don't have my hair colour and style. Is her hair black or navy, I can't tell. I think its black so I'll get that colour since I'm doing a Sailor Mars cosplay and also an Ai Enma HellGirl cosplay too.

Her personality is awesome, She is very straightfalward I think and Is determind to win against Alucard when they meet. Its sad when -SPOILER- She gets killed, although she probably was bad to begin with...


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