Ai Enma (School Uniform) - Hell Girl





I love Hell Girl so much! Its creepy but awesome! I can't even describe my favourte parts! Its just a great anime! See all 4 !'s ? its that awesome in my case! So yeah I can't wait to cosplay as Ai Enma <3

Her costume is simple, so I may create it or buy it...Ah I don't know! >_< I know its simple, but I worry I'll reck or muck it up.. >_<

I am planning on buying a wig! I know it stupid since my hair is almost her colour (although its brown) and I'm growing it out, but I want to get this one right, So I will probably buy the wig then I could maybe do sailor Mars!

Ai Enma's Personality is plane in the first few episodes and she only repeats the same words on duty like always, shes very quiet and seems to be found by the sea in hell with a ball in one episode. I think its more quiet and reserved her peronslaity.


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