Nel Tu (Adult Expada Ver) - Bleach





OMG GUYS! I love Nel in Bleach! She is awesome when she is in Adult form! She is the bomb! I love her personality and skills in the anime, I can't wait for this one since it's better then the Rukia Kuchiki cosplay I've planned. I love the mask and hair colour so This is defently a must do!

I may buy this one, but I'm actually thinking of making this one since It looks simple. I defently will probably have to make the mask, I don't think its buyable.

The wig is going to be brought like every other wig since I can't make wigs :/
But I love the colour.

Her Personality is Childish since -SPOILER- she was transformed in to a child when she became an EX-ESPADA.
However She can be pretty serious when in Adult battle mode form. I totaly love her personality so it will be enjoyable to give it ago at roleplaying.


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