Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) - Sailor Moon





Hey Guys, So as I've said before in a previous costume description, I totaly love Sailor Moon it was one of the first ones I ever watched! I love Hotaru in her normal form in Sailor Moon S and in her Scout form in Sailor Moon Stars. Shes just so sweet.

I will be buying her costume since I know I wont be able to create it, I've tried making Sailor Uranus's Scout costume, but It didn't work so I am now going to try my best to learn from that in other costumes that are advanced.

I don't think I'd buy a wig, Although my hair is brown and not black, But its the same style...I don't know though since I'm doing Regina from Once Upon A Time, so what do you guys think, style my hair or buy a wig?

Sailor Saturns personality is sweet in Sailor Moon Stars when she trys to protect Sailor Chibi/Mini Moon and in the last battle with Galixa and she trys to help Seyia belive in the Moon Princess. I'd love to follow that for roleplaying her when my cosplay is completed.


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