Integra (Anime Uniform) - Hellsing





I may not seem like it, but I adore Hellsing. It is awesome and I enjoy the Anime so much, Integra is just one of the couple of characters I plan to cosplay as. She is very serious which I find somewhat amuzing. I really like her outfit. I always liked miliaty styled uniforms.

I am unsure on how to get this costume working. I'm not sure if I should buy it or make it, I may make it if I can find a pattern for it, I belive it may work out if I can find a certain kind of uniform pattern.

I may end up using my Belarus from Hetalia wig. Although I'm unsure, I think I'm more worried about styling the bangs more then anythng really...So yeah..

Her Personality is just Serious in most siturations I think I can pull that off...Although I think I may not be following the personality when I cosplay as Integra.


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