Hermione Granger (School Uniform) - Harry Potter





I've really enjoyed the Harry Potter Series, I enjoyed watching all the movies and I have to say I totaly love Hermiones character. She was awesome when she punched Drago Malfoy. So yes I like her character very much, It's nice to see her following the rules and taking care of mystical Animals (Fighting so they wont get killed like Buckbeat)

I suppose I can buy the uniform from a Uniform store, White shirt, Black Trousers or Skirt and A Black V-Neck Jumper ^^

I'm planning on growing my hair out and using curlers or something, I'm actualy unsure on how to do the hair. I'm sure I can get help on how to do my hair in to the style correctly.

Her Personality is Smart, Sensitive and Intellagable. I'm sure I can portray it correctly when I cosplay her in the future ^^


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