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I TOTALY LOVE Kuroshitsuji. I love sebastian's humor with cats aww. So yeah He's sexy and badass. I would love to do a vary of diffrent Kuroshitsuji Characters and this is one of them ^^

I am planning on making this costume since its very simple to do, at least it looks simple from the plaine design. I am still wondering where I can brass buttons for the coat/tail coat/Waiste Coat.

Of course I will be buying the wig as normal, it seems easy to style so I may just get a plaine one and then style it, however I'm still not sure.

His personality is quite diffrent in both seasons 1 & 2. In the first he's amuzed and like a super human (Like when he had to make the suspect list of who Jack the Ripper was) But in Season 2 He is very Protective of Ciel and seems to be more serious.


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