Gumi (Sweet Shackles) - Vocaloid





I've really enjoyed Gumi in the Vocaloid Songs and totaly ships her with Gakupo. I suppose Luka X Gakupos ok but I kinda ship Luka with Kaito as well as Meiko X Kaito. Anyway Gumi is very cool, I like her voice in the music and the creepy songs she does, I quite like those one's. She did very well in Insanity and Chemical Emotion. I like the little scene from The Lost Girl and The Metore Gentleman ^^

Anyway The outfit I belive wont be brought, I'm sure I'll manage to get it sewen somehow maybe I'll even use Belarus from Hetalia's outfit ^^

I shall buy a wig, I'm unsure of other characters I can do, so I may do various other song costumes for Gumi.

Her personality in this song is the same as Belarus from Hetalia and I know I can get that right since I'm officaly a Belarus Cosplayer..Yay it worked out!!
Now that I think of it, I wish I knew more cosplayers and I wished my friends cosplayed then I could have my own personal Russia lol.


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