Amara/Hakura (Sailor Uranus) - Sailor Moon





I've always been a fan of Sailor Moon it was one of my first animes and I defently always liked Sailor Uranus as well as Sailor Saturn. I liked how she's very protective of the outers and Usgai/Serina in Sailor Moon Stars. I'm also glad there making a new series for Summer 2013 ^^

The outfit I belive I shall buy. I've tried this outfit once before at a friends house and no it didn't work so I'm going to have to save up money for this one. I may however make the gloves and choker if the outfit doesn't come with it.

I am going to buy the wig because I can use it for characters such as England from Hetalia or Isabeau from Lady Hawke. So I think it will work out quite well.

Her personaly it very humorus in parts and I enjoy the serious attaude that takes over her at times. I love how shes loyal to Sailor Neptune/Michelle/Michiru, I really liked the death part in Sailor Moon Stars I thought it was sweet.


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