Alice Liddel (Steam Dress) - Alice Madness Returns





So I've always like Insane/Madness/Psycology movies and games and I'm also a big fan of Alice In Wonderland. This game is so much fun and I love the artwork as well. I've really admired this one better then the 1st game by American McGee though.

I hope to buy a dress like hers and the petticoat frill under it. Then I plan to make the bow and rest of the details if I can. This costume I plan to do after I've made a few costumes so I probably wont start this one for a good year maybe, but who knows.

I probaly wont buy a wig since I'm trying to grow my hair out again and then I wont need a wig. I've been planning a good list of characters with long brown hair to cosplay as so this add's to the list.

Her personality is quite intresting although she acts with sense and quotes such as "I've been down this road before, good things in small packages" and "I hoped to leave all that behind" I like how its kinda plane to me and easy to act like. So roleplaying as her will be easy since those creepy monsters also creeped myself out.


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