Kakashi Hatake (Kid Kakashi) - Naruto Shippuden




This is probably the first cosplay I've made that I am actually really proud of. The actual design of the costume is very simple but effective.

Unfortunately I didn't feel I was skilled enough to make this from scratch so it is a jumble of customised elements.

Connecting the top to the mask presented the biggest challenge, and in the end, it is all connected rather crudely with zillions of safety pins, which are also pinned to the tan straps which not only holds it all in place but keeps it all nicely concealed.

The wig was also a labour of love. it took about an hour to finish the styling, armed with a can of cheap hairspray, a comb and a hair dryer. Unfortunately it hasn't come up so well in some of the photos, just because towards the end of the day it had started to droop, and some people who had asked for pictures had also leaned or put their hand on my head whilst posing, which squashed and flattened the design a little.

Overall though I am proud of how this turned out, and I'm sure it'll be one I get out again at some point.


cowiee posted on 8 December, 2012 - 00:59
ooh! you suit kid kakashi so well!