Cupid - Monster High

In Progress

Kitacon 2014


Recently got into the whole Monster High thing, so Cosplays are needed.
there are atleast 3 I wanna do and Cupid is one of them

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Rib-Wing Necklace
Style Wig
Get Shoes
Cupid's Bow and Arrow
Arm and Leg Gradient
Arm Bracer

Total cost: £0.00

12th February 2014

Progress! Slowly!

I've made her Arm Bracer! With a poop-ton of help from mum 'cos making something around your own arm is really hard D: Especially for me The Ring bits are being stiffened up (and trying to make them water proof, as they got water chucked all over them today so they've gone slightly soggy now too :( ) The wings are... no further forward, but I'm hoping to try and work that out soon >< Lord help me Her necklace is still a no go.. I have no idea how, short of some Warbla? I dunno D: I'll think Skirt needs it's fabric, i've got the dye to dip-dye it, and transfer paper to iron on her hearts. Hopefully. I can paint on the drips, then I just need to make Arm Socks, paint on the pattern, put her heart in her hair, and wrap myself up in Tulle/netting and I'm all good! T^T Oh, I forgot to mention the shoes T^T

4th November 2013


The Wig arrived! It's gorgeous, I love it, it's perfect need to style in her heart-halo thing, but mum's worked out a way to do that, so hopefully she'll give me a hand with that soon :3 In other news, the wings are templated and awaiting construction, her ring needs gluing together, her arm bracer is in progress and her shoes are going to be a lot easier that Operetta's! That's for sure! The main thing I'm missing right now is her Skirt, and she should be having an incomplete test-run next weekend at a friends Halloween/house warming party :D Overall, i'm pretty pleased with how Cupid is going at the moment :D

15th October 2013


It's here! It's a small, but still rather loose fitting on me... especially in the bust department, so I'll have to sort a way to fix that... but overall, perfect, and it was a bargain! Just her skirt to make then her main parts are done

7th October 2013

I made her Earrings!

I made her earrings, because I wanted to make cosplay things and Cupid's Earrings were all I was able to do due to lack of other stuff. I love them! :D

28th September 2013

Guess who's coming to Kita

CUPID! I ordered some tights to wear for Cerise, but they didn't work the way I expected them too with her boots, but I took off my boots and looked over at my Monster High Dolls. And Tights... Perfect for Cupid like it's crazy

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