Lenne - Final Fantasy X-2


Wokingham Tokyopop Re:con Cosplay Contest Winner XD




This is basically the same as my Yuna songstress except I re-made the ruffles and side-skirt using white cotton ^_^ I had also intended on dyeing the fabric to match the blue-gradient, but I unfortunetly ran out of time to do this >_<

I also used my Lightning boots instead of the black ones I had used before.

The 'earrings' I had previously made for a friend who had done Lenne before me but since she no longer needed them I CLAIMED THEM BACK ^_^

I also managed to find myself a cheap microphone online XD
I didn't get a wig for this as I was only cosplaying her to a re:con so didn't feel the need ^^'

I cosplayed this to a re:con last January along with GraceyDarling as Rikku (FFX-2) and CosplayChris-san as Tidus (FFX) and we managed to the cosplay competition XD

Cost Notes~
4 Metres of White Cotton (Got wayy too much ^^') from FabricLand
Pony Beads~ £7 from CraftBits.co.uk
Brown Cord~ £2 from FabricLand
Microphone~ £3 from Ebay
Green Tape (For Mic)~ £1 from A PoundShop LOL
Boots from New Look


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Progress Journal

17th January 2009


Okies so finally got around to getting to fabricland today & got my hands on some COTTON oh yes hardcore LOL was rather annoyed i had to buy the more expensive one >_> but HEY~ for the side-skirt an ruffles XD

SO i got 3 metres as not sure how much i'd need LOL & also 2 packets of hand-dye in a 'china blue' colour lol so i hope its like the right colour XD

Dying should be fun as i need to get it like 'gradient' not all over colour *eep* but shall see ^^

On a lighter note i got my dad to buy me a microphone real cheap on ebay SCORE! so when it comes shall remove the electrical stuff (somehow..) then paint, add green tape & sticks etc. should be FUN XD