Infected Person - Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles


Dee-Con 2012




This is in fact my first ever cosplay and decided to make it on the day of the Con therefore it isn't the best however I hope to improve it before MCM Expo Oct 2012

I took apart an old costume for halloween ('sexy SWAT') and kept the bottom half complete. Then took a tank top and a patch and sewn those together. Using cardboard and an old backpack that was wrecked I made the thigh holster and then from there I started on the face.

The hardest part was the makeup only because my liquid latex didn't turn up in time. I didn;t want to use just fake blood as it doesn't give the fresh, gory feel I wanted So i mixed Vaseline, blood and eyeshadow (brown) in a bowl and moulded it down my neck.

Easiest part- sewing it all together :)


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