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AmeChibi 2015




Muhyohyohyohyohyooooo~ After the debacle of Ayacon 2013, Kinkotsuman came back for Amechibi, better than ever(*), da wa sa~!

All in all, on its second outing, this costume came out better than it had any right to be, with it being having to put on at least three pairs of tights over the skeleton suit, to protect the innocent from sights no-one should ever see. I'd already edited the skeleton suit by cutting off the legs and making it more like a leotard, and so I needed to use tights to keep my bottom half covered, but... Well... Tights used for modesty in guys aren't exactly the easiest to find. So many scarring images I found in my search... *shudder* So I had to actually go for plus-size and/or maternity tights, and had to go with a good few pairs, to make sure I had a thick enough denier to keep everything covered, as well as making sure I could get my flabby underside and gut fully covered as well.

There were still a few hiccoughs, as I found the original obi I was going to use for the red belt wasn't going to work, and so I ordered a new belt to use in its place. ... A belt that, while it cost loads in postage and packaging, still wasn't gonna arrive until the Wednesday, one day before we'd be leaving. And even then, it didn't arrive until I'd already left on Thursday... So in the end, I had to use both belts that I'd made for the gun holster belt instead. It actually still worked alright, but obviously didn't have that last piece of accuracy desired. As things stand now, I have the belt and have since worked on it, so it's ready for the next time I do Kinkotsuman.

With this costume, my main concern was always gonna be heat. I was wearing so many layers of black, skin-tight material, as well as a balaclava, a mask with wig, wrestling boots, fleece gloves, and to top it off, some black face paint. This actually resulted in the face paint leaking from the eyes and looking like I was crying black last time, but thankfully, that didn't happen this time around. I'd taken precautions to get some time to cool down before leaving my room and had miniature fans on hand (though the fan broke because of my wig hair getting caught in it, halfway through the day), so I actually didn't have to worry about the leaking face paint problem, at first, anyway...

So how did the costume fare in the end? It actually wasn't all that hot in the end. At least, not in open areas. In fact, walking around the hotel, it actually could get quite cool and brisk. Such is the upside to a costume that can feel like you're wearing nothing at all... Nothing at all... Nothing at all... (How did I not end up doing this reference at some point during the day?) However, when it was somewhere like a closed space, and/or crammed with people, where things could get hot...

Well, basically, you know the rhyme by Longfellow (ho-ho) about the little girl? When she was good, she was very good? Well, it was a similar case with this costume. When it was cool, it was very cool, but when it was hot, it was sweltering. I truly felt like I was gonna melt in Name That Tune, for instance, and it wasn't made better by the fact that I could barely look down without my wig hair getting tangled up like all hell and that it kept getting in my face. I'll have to see about gelling the wig, next time, to try and keep it in place.

Once I was outta that cramped room, though, and got a chance to sit in the cooler area outside the Albany Suite, I ended up managing to get so cool again, that I was actually starting to get cold. (Though some issues with depression helped in that respect too, in making me feel cold.) Things got a little hot and sweaty in the Albany Suite with the masquerade going on, as well as in the bar when I was doing karaoke (see the video section), and I basically had to wait until I could wash my face off before I could even take a drink without getting paint everywhere. As you can imagine, this meant I was quite dehydrated by the end of the day until I could get back to my room for the night. I ended up downing pretty much all the drinks my friends helpfully went out and got me, in rapid succession and within minutes of getting clean again.

Did people recognise this costume? Not at all. But hey, that's part of the reason I'm doing my panel on obscurer or forgotten anime, starting with Kinnikuman so people can recognise the shows and characters I'm doing cosplays of. In a way, that kinda got me down during the day, in that I was going through all this hell in this costume, only for everybody to not have a clue what my costume was. Even so, I still got some kind people asking for photos, and then it happened...

Minutes before I left for the karaoke, someone managed to get my attention and called me by my character's name. And he knew me from my actual source, Kinnikuman, as opposed to Kinnikuman Nisei/Ultimate Muscle. That alone made my day, and was one of the things that made the entire con for me, as well as making the costume completely worth it in the end.

So, was this costume worth all the hassle? I'd say so. With the few one off people who knew who I was cosplaying (some people knew who I was doing beforehand), and the few photos I got asked for, and the fact that the costume actually looked better than I thought it would, it ended up being a lot of fun being Kinkotsuman. However, Kinkotsuman - because of the materials used in making it and wearing it, such as the tights which ended up rather soaked through with sweat, to the point of being unwearable again - is something of a one-use-only costume, and thus needs to be remade again now that Amechibi is over.

So, what's next for the alien from Planet Skull? Oh, he'll be coming back. It'll require remaking again, but I have most of the props still hanging about, such as the belts (since they took too much work to scrap), and I only need to get the tights, the skeleton suit and perhaps a new spare mask for next time. So, get ready, people of Earth, the one-and-only Numskull, from Planet Skull, alias Gristleman will be coming to Amecon 2016 over, with the Anime Under the Microscope, In the Spotlight panel all about Kinnikuman, and to just wreak general havoc. He's back, and better than ever, and will only continue to get better as time goes on! (*)

(*) For whatever counts as better, when talking about Kinkotsuman...


brigade-chief posted on 25 February, 2015 - 21:59
Oooh this will be really cool to see :D

Mr. Sat-Ash posted on 26 February, 2015 - 02:53
Thanks. ^^ I've learnt from my (incredibly dumbass) mistakes in making the first version, so now this one should be quite a bit better. Also, if you're coming to Amechibi, you'll be able to see it at my panel, Anime Under the Microscope, In the Spotlight.

WolfyKid posted on 1 August, 2015 - 15:54
This looks AWSOME!