Cheria / Chelia - Tales of Graces f





i LOVE her outfit and really want to do it -an it works perfectly to go with Liam_xlr8r's Asbel <3

I'll be making his outfit too- i absolutely ADORE the outfits in the tales series - and this and xillia really blow my mind!

We've got the collectors edition - so i get the BEST reference pictures ever - i've been oggling Asbel's since the game arrived - SO beautiful!

No idea why - but Cheria just caught my eye - i'm not so much of a fan of Sophie's outfit too- not my style really - but Cheria's is SO beautiful - and cute!

I've already got the material to make the corset - so that'll probably get done after alcon :D

I MAY also do Little Queen sometime - her outfit just draws me in - so i think i'd have SO much fun making and wearing it!


SlimDefinition posted on 26 June, 2013 - 17:11
Looking forward to seeing this. More Graces love for the win!