Chocola-Chan (Witch Uniform) - Sugar Sugar Rune





Guy's I am a big Sugar Sugar Rune fan!! I totaly ship Chocola with Pierre, I think it's cute that she fell in love. I love her personaly and think she's way prettyer then Vanilla, Although I don't mind Vanilla just annoyed how she was winning more Heart Crystals then Chocola at first although I heard she sometimes over takes Vanilla at some points (Only seen up to episode 10 or so as of 2012 Augest) I hated how Vanilla - Spoiler - turned into a Black hearted (Crystal - Ecure) Witch lady. I love the ending where they both become queen, so cute.

The wig shouldn't be so difficult to get, Hell I may even cosplay as Grell from kuroshitsuji/Black Butler that way it won't go to waste. That would make it more funner for me since I was planning on only doing MeyRin at first. Maybe I'll even do Sebastian Yeah that will be a fun cosplay PortFoilo.

Um I don't think it's needed to buy a costume, I think it would be easy to get in parts at the local clothes store. Simple,
1. Leggings Striped
2. Witch Pink Hat
3. Pink Tank Top
4. Pink Frilly MiniSkirt or Normal skirt
5. Pink Cloack with heart clips (Buy heart clips to add on)
6. MAKE broach out of air drying clay and then PAINT broach
So yeah I think that will do very well..


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