Regina - Evil Queen (StoryBrooke - Mayer ) - Once upon a Time





Well here I am again with a diffrent Once Upon A Time character. As well as playing a good character for cosplays. I want to try out a bad character to cosplay since I love Regina's Outfit and her Personaly. I felt sorry for her when - SPOILER!! - The stable boy she loved got killed by her mother. I can understand her anger, but Snow really didn't want her to suffer without a mother like she had. I feel sorry for both parts really.

I don't know why, but I love her hairstyle it seems to fit in with her face expressions. It seems If I did my Sailor Saturn / Hotaru cosplay first, I could then style the wig to make it curly at the ends.

The costume shall be easy to get, It's more of buying a black tank top and then getting some black trousers which I already got (School one's, same diffrence right??) Anyway then all I need is to get a black jacket and probably try to sew on some white material for the outsides of the coller.


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