Belle / Ms.French (Yellow Dress - Magical World) - Once upon a Time





I have been really stuck on Once Upon A Time resently. I watched it from the very first aring episode and am so excited for Season 2 in spring 2013 I love Belle. I totaly ship her with Rumplestiltskin / Mr.Gold. It is such a sweet couples I totaly love the disney verison of Beauty and the Beast. It totaly works with the tv series.

I feel terrible that I cut my hair now, since If it was still long I could have easaly just curl it to fit the hairstyle wanted. But if I left this cosplay for when I had long hair then I wouldn't have to waste money on a wig and just need to buy curlers :D Seems simple enough..

The costume won't be to difficult to find, they still sell adult size's of the disney's belle don't they :D So I am very happy about that although many might think it's the disney verion instead. So I could then try out the Blue dress verison she wears when working for Rumplestiltskin.


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