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Ahh! This is one of my favourte classic's I disscoverd one weekend at my dad's house! Lady Hawke was made in the 1980's I belive. I love how she's a Hawke while her lovers a Wolf. Two of my favourte Animals. A Wolf and A Bird. I find it sweet and romantic in parts.

I totaly love her cloak she wears so I plan on adding that to my costume. I hope to find the perfect clothing in a charaty shop seeing as that is always a cheap option. I don't belive you can find the costume for this, so It requires looking in old shops for well...old clothes or olden styled clothing.

Her hair is short and the only thing I can think of is to style the wig I'm planning on getting for my Sailor Uranus / Hakura cosplay. That is if I end up doing Sailor Uranus.

Anyway, I really hope on doing this one for more of a comic book / Movie convention than an Anime one. I however am still not sure when I will be doing this one. Probably after the Sailor Uranus cosplay, If I intend to do it.


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