N.Italy / Felicano (WW2 Uniform) - Hetalia





Ahh! I've been adding more and more Hetalia cosplays to do. I must be as mad as a hatter for doing this. But there are so many cosplays of Hetalia that I want to do. I've already planned many videos for this at my Cosplay Youtube Channel. When I have videos planned, It means that I most defently will someday do that cosplay and video idea. So please look out for those.

I really love Italy!! He is so adorable and cute, I totaly ship him with Germany and sometimes Canada or Romano. I think he makes the perfect Uke. But it's not just the Yaoi shipping that I enjoy about Italy, It's the way he makes the Anime so funny. Hetalia aparently mean's Stupid Italy, which I guess is why he is the silly and most funny character in the Axis Group.

The wig I hope to buy will already have a curl styled in to it. I've never really styled wigs before and I think I'd make it all tangled if I did try. I mean my Belarus wig is already Tangled since I've tryed to store it. I'm going to have to buy some Wig brushs and Styleing spray if I want to style Italy's wig for the curl.

The costume doesn't seem so difficult to sew, but I can't really sew so again I shall be buying my costume along with the wig. I guess that makes me a sucky cosplay-maker. It's good though that cosplay isn't all about making it, it's more of being the character I think, so I hope I can get his personaly down.


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