Pirate! England (Pirate!) - Hetalia





I know guys that I've got so many Hetalia cosplays planned, but at least it's an option if I'm unsure of what to cosplay next. Although I'm unsure of which Hetalia cosplays I'll be doing..
Anyway I really like Pirate England...No wait!! Pirate Iggy yeah that's more awesome guys :D England is one of my favourte Characters, but a Bad ass Pirate Brit is even Awesomer!!

If I do the normal England cosplay first, then I wont' need to buy a wig then :D However Getting the costume and hat seems almost Impossible. I'm sure I wont get the costume right, since it seems very rare to find. And making something so beautiful seems impossible too. I'm rubbish at sewing or anything dress making realted. I even tryed to make my own Belarus bow and that went crap :(

But yeah I'll keep everyone posted as to when I will be starting this project :P


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